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Ancestral/Family Constellation

Family Constellation work seeks to release entanglements within our ancestral line, which can be affecting health and wellbeing.  Developed by Bert Hellinger, this deep healing work highlights how our ancestral past may be affecting our life and health, creating disorders in the family system in this present moment.

As with each individual, a consciousness or soul exists within a family to keep the family bonded by loving energy and belonging.  Due to a choice or action of an ancestor, the belonging and flow of love can become disrupted.  Entanglements can ensue between a family member/s and the ancestor, in order to bring healing to the soul of the family.  The entanglements may be present as physical, professional, personal or financial (health & disease/conflict resolution).  These come to light and solutions are possible.

This powerful Work helps to reveal what the entanglement is and to release it, and to bring harmony and wellbeing to the family soul and the living family. 


Many clients feel great relief and a lifting of heaviness at the end of a session. Linda describes it as being able to take a bird’s eye view of one’s present physical, emotional and mental health.  Having the knowledge of these connections with the body is extremely effective and helpful and can lead to being able to see maybe for the very first time what has created the dis-ease and so allow movement & release to take place.


Ancestral/Family Constellation is part of the Multi Dimensional programme that Linda offers to clients.  Small group workshops will open for booking in Spring 2023

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