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Biomagnetic Therapy

What is Applied Biomagnetic Therapy and how does it help?

Applied Biomagnetic Therapy uses magnetic force to energize the bodies natural healing response.

This method of system balancing is relaxing and unintrusive, bridging and building a natural support to your immune system through Biomagnetic and Microbial balance. Thus, Creating the environment of movement towards wellness of health and vitality.

How many sesions will I require?

Every client is unique. During the first consultation your practitioner will gain a greater understanding of your intention for wellbeing. Your health history and present situation will be taken into account and this will provide a roadmap for your treatment and the number of sessions required. 

What can  Biomagnetic Therapy help with?

Breathing issues and respiratory disorders, Anxiety, Palpitations. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Lyme, Fibromyalgia, digestive issues of; Reflux, Bloating, Inflammations, Lr Abdominal pain, Menopause, Hormonal issues, Sleep disorders, unresolved trauma, and much more.

Are there cases where Biomagnetic Therapy cannot be applied?

Biomagnetic therapy can be applied in any situation. The initial consultation will allow your therapist to learn about your health history and adjust your treatment accordingly. 

Can it be done remotely/online?


Yes! Online biomagnetic session is called Quantum Biomagnetic Therapy. Much the same as an in person Biomagnetic Therapy treatment, the session works remotely, in conjunction with the client’s biological energy systems, and innate ability to heal.

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