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Quantum Biomagnetic Therapy

Everything is energy

As with all of life, humans are vibrational and energy beings.  When the client and practitioner come together and hold mutual intention for resolution of the client’s health and wellbeing concerns, this vibrational and energetic connection exists between them.  Across this field of attunement, healing takes place.

Distance is irrelevant 

These sessions are healing at a distance and are based on the science of Quantum Physics.  One of the principles of Quantum Physics is non-locality which is that, on the quantum level there is no distance, between one part of the world and another part.  There is no actual physical separation though there is on a consensual reality level.  Quantum nonlocality explains the apparent ability of objects to instantaneously know about each other’s state.


Biological Heart Wisdom

Your Quantum Biomagnetic Therapy session is very identical to your usual sessions. Biological Heart Wisdom knows and operates on a Quantum level. The therapist will tune into your Biological heart wisdom and ask the body to reveal the underlying causes of your health issues.

The Biomagnetic Balance will be achieved through the energetic input of the biomagnetic communication to your body. Your therapist can demonstrate this to you at the beginning of your session.

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