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Sea & Soul
One day Ladies retreat


Are daily stresses getting to you? You feel like you're constantly overthinking and it's as if you're never really present in the moment.. Why not treat yourself to a weekend away, just you and maybe your closest friend, mom, daughter... It's time to slow down.

Sea&Soul is a unique one day ladies retreat in Tramore that offers a chance to escape our busy lives and reconnect with ourselves and with nature. You can join us for Sunday retreat only, or make this a 2 day getaway and experience beautiful city of Waterford, or chill in a wonderful coastal town of Tramore

Includes: Meditation in the outdoors; walking the shoreline, sea immersion, forest Bathing in Japanese gardens with a surf lesson taster (optional)

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Experience from years of experience

This event is brought to you by

LBT - Love being True and Oceanics - first surf school in Ireland found by Linda and her husband Paul. Linda & Paul & their teams look forward to welcoming you to Tramore!


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