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Connecting to Source, part of the Mother Love Series, is a collection of her works as she embraces her love of nature through mountains wild, forest streams and oceans of waves.  Diving into the world of self-realisation and her quest to discover her inner blockages, Linda connects with her own self-love, something she had closed off early in life.

Connecting to Source gives her unique perspective as a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and as someone entering her wise woman wisdom years.  The collection is a coming together of mind, body and soul in the peace and tranquility of life; a journey of self-realisation through family living in our modern society today.  

PS: Please bare in mind like all first editions, there are many unique features within! This very first printed edition has its own uniqueness, can you spot them? All following editions on ebooks, and  printed have been changed, hopefully rectified! Here is the only place you can purchase this uniqueness, enjoy your search!

Connecting to Source - a path to self-discovery in verse is the first book of poetry that Linda has written.  


It stems from her journey from entrepreneurial business woman to reconciling the death of her mother and father within a short eighteen month period.  Her discovery of the world of meditation and realisation was made in 2010, after the economic crash of what was known as the Celtic Tiger in her home country of Ireland.

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I stand tall and strong

Open to all forces of

light and nature


the strength of being comes

from within, travelling far

on the boat cruise of life,

through oceans of sound


Your light draws me, its

colour ever changing, flashing

a token of music towards

those that listen


Listen, Listen, do you recognise the call

of the lighthouse, where strength of standing

lights through the ages, as tall men weep at

her light’s embrace.

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