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Candy Cotton

Life Choices

We have found over the years that Multi Dimensional Medicine encompassing Applied Biomagnetic Therapy (ABT) is restorative and supportive to persons that may have conditions that for the first time they are noticing or have been experiencing. Working with intention for wellness is the basis of ABT.  Clients have many reasons for wishing to receive treatments. Receiving support or early intervention when body symptoms may just be arising can make all the difference to supporting people to wellness. 


Some examples that clients have sought Linda’s help and received personalised treatments with are:


  • Hormonal Issues,

  • All stages of Menopause,

  • Detoxification,

  • Sleep Disturbances,

  • Supplement Testing,

  • Dietary Recommendations,

  • Athletic Fitness or Injury Support,

  • Mindset Coaching,

  • Self-Awareness/Self Realisation Techniques,

  • and Mood Enhancement through Natural Environment Activities. 

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Fitness - Help to restore your life’s vitality through lifestyle and fitness choices.

Detox -   As we age we carry toxic loads within our organs, and this can overwhelm our body and mind. 

Gentle detoxification through specific pathways can bring balance.

Sleep - Health encompasses many things and has many influences.   Good sleep habits and rituals can make a huge difference.

Supplements/Dietary Recommendations - Testing of supplements being taken, or suggested, and recommendations around food choices.

Mindset Coaching - Our thoughts are more powerful than we realise and greatly impact on health. 

Mindset Coaching helps to reappraise thinking and choose healthful thoughts.

Goal Setting - Listening and assisting you to determine and fulfil your life goals.  Learning visualisation techniques to support you.

Meditation/Mindfulness - Learn the practice of meditation/mindfulness to increase your vibrational field to assist and maintain good health.

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