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Soul Healing

Soul Healing is the activation of the Light force that flows through you, connecting with soul and with source.   Where Pure Love manifests and flows, providing deep nourishment on all levels of Being. It can resolve ancestral generational soul issues being carried through the body, with the aid of the ancestors and personal guides. Individual sessions are part of the Multi Dimensional healing that Linda brings to her clients.  Soul Healing is also offered in the form of Retreats & online small group - Sessions lead by Linda will be offered in the coming months.

Mystic Healing, it is a powerful love energy transmission in silence meditation. Entering into the Silence of your Self, where meditation is a path of inner Transformation, you are supported by a powerful spiritual love energy. Here you can nourish your deep inner Peace and silence, focusing, learning not to allow external events to deprive you from it.  It is suitable for everyone regardless of their level of experience in meditation or spiritual knowledge.  Activities, workshops, retreats and guided meditation will be offered in coming months where you can join Linda beyond the stream of constant thought and mental activity and dive into the Ocean of Peace within. 

The love of the Soul is for life and the living one, because its origin is the Soul not bo

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