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About Linda

Connecting her love of nature and its wisdoms, and as an energy healer, educator and surfer, all have combined over the last 25 years to help Linda transition into the world of natural therapy.  From founding Oceanics Surf School in 1997, successfully building a leisure business and educational establishment, spending many years in promoting tourism at county, national and international stages, in 2010 Linda returned to studies and qualified with a BSc Enterprise Management.


As a Multi Dimensional medicine practitioner,  Linda serves people in understanding how to empower themselves in their health and movement towards a more complete life. She travels extensively in person and online delivering her unique methodologies of the beauty of living life in the vibration of you, LOVE BEING TRUE.   




Serving community has always been important for Linda since the first days of leadership roles in the 80’s in Cliff Rescue and RNLI and numerous hours spent on tourism & business advisory groups, networks & committees, giving as much as receiving. In 2008, marking 10 years as founder of Ireland’s very first Surf School, Linda made the decision to invest her time in encouraging woman of all ages to part take in surfing, and by forming and taking a lead role, created and developed a Sea celebration and Ladies’ Surf Weekend. Building on its success, Linda formed a committee which went on to develop and expand the weekend into Tramore’s annual Surf and Sea festival incorporating family-based activities and also celebrating Celtic traditions & “Michaelmas”, that time of year which marks the change of seasons.


“The year 2009 was very difficult for our family business and the stress at that time led to my being introduced to Dr Raymond Cadwell in early 2010. This was a year where I discovered the inward journey of meditation, spending time in nature both in Ireland and in Spain, travelling for weekends and summer retreats in beautiful surroundings.  By 2014/15 the realisation of self in golden ray, with mystic healing experiences and initiation, brought forth a deep intonement with vibration and frequency healing modalities. "


Deciding to train in Biomagnetic Therapy,and whilst being mentored by Raymond, 2016 saw Linda travelling to Vermont in the USA where she was shown the implications of Lyme’s disease on the human systems by another practitioner’s research and developing protocols.


“This, and my mother’s diagnoses of dementia, my own journey in menopause and a family member’s repeated medical prescriptions opened a deeper understanding of how I needed to become more aware of alternative ways of immune support that would complement transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, supporting my family and greater community.  My training in earnest as a therapist began and in 2018 when the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy in Ireland first introduced a course in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy, of which I have since been a part, studying, qualifying and receiving mentorship support.”


Further developing as a practitioner of Quantum Biomagnetics during 2019/20, opened many thresholds to reach and serve clients that are not in my locality of Ireland. Always a student to life and development of self, Linda recognises the importance of knowledge and the tools that are required to support personal development. In July ’21, she began a programme designed by Proctor Gallagher Institute, delivered by coaching consultant Declan O’Donoghue which she now incorporates in her practice. In 2021/22 as the world reopens to travel, Linda continues her journey of learning, combining her working world and travels with family life and new friendships built.

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