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How does Applied Biomagnetic Therapy help?

We support you on your wellness journey, whether it is to maintain your current state of wellbeing, or if you are seeking a resolution to long standing health issues. You will be offered suggestions for fitness maintenance, organ support, and testing of any supplements you are taking.

Biomagnetic Therapy addresses unresolved biological

and emotional issues.  Presenting symptoms addressed

are respiratory issues, skin disorders, digestive problems,

joint pains, menopause, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune

disorders, lyme disease.  Imbalance can show up in many other

ways and at your first session your therapist will be able to noninvasively scan for these. 


The therapist is the facilitator, but it is your body’s innate wisdom that shows what needs to be addressed, at each of your visits.  

We will help you to feel empowered in your relationship with your health, your lifestyle, your self-belief of what it is to be you and what you can do to engage in life’s energy force.

Applied Biomagnetic Therapy - uses specially designed magnets to energize the bodies natural healing force. This method of system balancing is relaxing and unintrusive, bridging and building a natural support to your immune system through Biomagnetic and Microbial balance. Thus, Creating the environment of movement towards wellness of health and vitality.

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